Weekends, School & Public Holidays.
Enjoy Fishing at Dholes Rocks, Scarborough, Redcliffe, Bribie Island with your Buddy.

At Fishing Buddy we make it fun for the kids and easy for you.
Never been fishing? Do not own any equipment?
No worries as that is what our services are all about.

Planning a picnic or BBQ or just heading to the beach or bay?
A few extra kids for the day?
An exchange student that you want to experience a bit of Australia.
While you are all out enjoying the sun and fresh air we can show the kids how to use a rod, bait and handle fish.
We supply the experience, the equipment and do the dirty work for 1-2 hours so all can have lots of fishing fun!
We clean the fish for you to take home or release them if that is preferred.

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Thinking of going for a picnic, spending time at the beach or bay and wanting something else to keep the kids occupied or learn something fun and new?
Something they have not done before and you do not know how to?
That is where fishing buddy comes into help you.
You can join in if you want to? Great for family gatherings and birthdays.
We supply birthday packs for the kids as well.
Let us take care of everything.

fishing rods and reels

Fishing Equipment

We carry a large range of rods and reels for any size fisherperson and we have quality rods and reels and all equipment.

baiting and fishing

Kids & Parents

We can do up to six people at any time. We will bait hooks, help with casting rods and take fish off when caught if required.

cleaning fish or releasing them

Catch or Release

We will clean and package fish you might catch to take home or help you to release them back into the sea to catch again.

Experienced Services
Our Tips and Advice

Most Experienced

I have been fishing for over 40 years in all types of enviroments for all types of fish.

We use quality equipment

Tips & Advice

We show and help you with trying to catch fish to make it as easy and fun as we can.

Coloured Rods and Reels for the Kids

Quality Equipment

We supply high quality rods, reels & tackle to give you the best chance of catching a fish.

We make it affordable to fish

Affordable Fun

We make it affordable and easy for you to let the kids have safe fun outside all year round.

Our Travel Pricing for Fishing at the following locations

Dholes Rocks $0 - Woody Point $5
All Redcliffe Areas $5 - Scarborough Harbour $5 - Bribie Island $20